Teak cleaning and restoration

Teak decks can start to look a little weathered after a couple of seasons. Tired, grey looking teak can reflect on the whole boats image and appearance.

With our teak system, the wood is cleaned first, the colour restored giving back its natural look. Then teak oil is applied to nourish the wood fibres again and protect it against UV and sea salt. We finish by waterproofing the teak in order to stop it swelling out when wet.

After that, the teak just need to be wash off regularly and any salt or loose dirt removed with fresh water.

Interior valets

Whilst the inside of your boat is a more personal area, its good to know you can trust a company to go onboard and keep the boat in good order.

Our interior services range from a light dust and vacuum to carpet and upholstery shampoo and deep clean.

Sails and canopy cleaning
and resealing

Looking after the various fabrics materials around the boat is crucial if you want to save money in the long term.

All covers, canopies and sails are severely treated by the marine environment.

We can take away all items, clean, dry and apply new weather proofing coating in our facility in Scotland and replace when done.

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