Keeping your boat in top condition...

Created by Nicolas Le Clanche, équipage marine is intended for yacht owners in the west of Scotland who wish to maintain their boat in the best condition.

équipage marine was formed with one motivation, to take the pain out of boating.

Now you don't have to do those jobs you used to dread. You can just go to your boat and relax!

équipage marine is a mobile service which covers the west coast of Scotland. We come to you. So whether your boat or yacht is in a marina or in dry dock, it can still benefit from the équipage marine service.

équipage marine focus entirely on the maintenance of boat or yachts surfaces and know exactly how to achieve the best results possible for your boat, maximising its appearance and shine.

Well looked after surfaces last longer, look better, and are easier to maintain.

équipage marine uses a full range of products dedicated to each type of boat surface and stain.

We ensure that each selected product and cleaning method remove the dirt without deteriorating the surface. We have a protective formulation for all modern surfaces against the ageing effects of the elements as well as UV damage and future staining.

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