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équipage marine services...

At équipage marine we focus entirely on the maintenance of your boat or yacht’s surfaces. Well looked after surfaces last longer, look better and attract a higher resale price.

Our boat valet services:

  1. Boat washing

  2. GRP deep clean and protect

  3. Teak cleaning and restoration

  4. Interior valets

  5. Sails and canvas work laundering

With all our operations équipage marine offers the following:

  1. Friendly mobile service available when your boat needs it

  2. Planned or ad hoc maintenance programmes

  3. Environmentally friendly services

  4. Expert knowledge and support offering great value and safe solutions

You should use équipage marine if:

  1. you do not have the time to maintain your boat

  2. you are unsure how to treat your boat’s surfaces

  3. you are concerned about the environmental effect of boat cleaning products

  4. you are looking for a long term maintenance solution

  5. you live too far away from your boat to keep up regular maintenance